You’ve booked an appointment, you’ve found the clinic and filled out the necessary paperwork. Now what?

Initial Assessment

Your first appointment at Salmo Physio is an assessment intended to discover the root of the problem at hand. You will meet Todd/Kimberly and talk about how this problem came to be and how it is affecting you. This is called taking a history.

Next, Todd/Kimberly will determine exactly what the problem is and why is it occurring in the first place. They will ask you to move in various ways such as: squatting, reaching behind your back, above your head, etc. After this, they will perform a number of more specific special tests to zero in on the problem. This is the physical assessment portion of your “Initial Assessment” and it certainly will not stop after this first appointment. It is important to have objective indicators of your progress, and a number of these tests are valuable in telling us whether you’re improving or not. Often it is relatively easy to determine what the problem is but more difficult to determine why it occurred in the first place. Don’t be surprised if Todd/Kimberly investigates seemingly unrelated areas to help determine the culprit of your problem. A whole-body-considered approach to movement is important to determining the “why”.

Depending on what you have going on, expect to receive treatment for the problem and learn ways you can manage on your own. There are a great number of ways that Todd/Kimberly can provide treatment. Please see Services for an idea of what treatments are offered at Salmo Physio. In terms of self management, this usually involves some form of exercise or self-treatment. Beyond this, Todd/Kimberly will explain what to expect in terms of how long it will take to get better and your best path to recovery. This may include a number of follow up visits for hands on treatment and updating your exercise program. As a general rule, Todd/Kimberly wants to leave you moving better than you were before your injury.

What to bring?

Please wear clothing you are comfortable moving in. Also, if this is related to a WorkSafeBC or ICBC claim, please have your claim number and status ready.