Physiotherapy services to meet your needs

Physical Assessment

Here at Salmo Physio, I take pride in exclusively offering 1 on 1 services. You will have my full attention for the entire length of the appointment.

My practices are driven by countless hours of continuing education and relevant research. I work hard to keep my skills refined and relevant to the people I serve.

Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment

Salmo Physio offers 1 on 1 services. Assessments are booked for 1 hour and include a minimum of 45 minutes of time with a physiotherapist.

Follow up treatments are 30 minutes in length. The frequency and duration of when you receive treatment varies with where you are in the recovery process. Early on in the management of injuries it is important to build momentum in the rehabilitation process, patients are often seen up to 2 or 3 times in a week. This decreases as you transition into more self-management and exercise practices, where appointments will revolve around ensuring that you are empowered to maintain this path to recovery.

Concussion Management

Headache, nausea, dizziness, feeling like you’re “in a fog”, trouble sleeping or being unable to concentrate? These symptoms have a big impact on your life. Management of concussion requires the coordinated help of a team of health care practitioners. Check in with Todd to explore management strategies and ensure that you are connected with everyone that can help. He has extra training in concussion management and a special interest in the complexity of this type of injury.

Intra-muscular Stimulation (IMS)

Also known as Dry Needling, IMS is the use of an acupuncture needle within muscle to tell muscles they do not need to be so tight. It is an excellent technique to be used with patients who have been experiencing symptoms for greater than 3 months. It works by improving the health of the nerves which carry the information for each muscle. While it is extremely effective for many conditions, it should be seen as a “reset button” rather than a cure. It will offer an opportunity for you to experience you body in a new way with exercise, enabling you to progress in your rehabilitation.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy refers to a broad spectrum of treatments that involve “hand-on techniques” to treat dysfunction or “issues in your tissues”. This includes anything from joint manipulation to massage or trigger point release. These techniques are extremely varied and require a skilled practitioner to administer.

Vestibular rehabilitation

Dizzy? Experiencing vertigo? Vestibular Rehabilitation refers to the specialized assessment and treatment of all things related to the balance centers of the inner ear. The vestibular system has a powerful connection with the brain in it’s role in balance and eye control. Any dysfunction of this system can have powerful effects on many of your body’s systems. While some of the problems that occur here are life-long, many others can be treated in as little as one or two sessions after thorough assessment.

Injury Prevention

One of the most refreshing things to see as a physiotherapist is a patient who comes into the clinic before they have pain. Maybe they have stiffness, or want to maximize their ability to participate in their favourite activity. This is refreshing because a physiotherapist can have a remarkable impact at this point. A pro-active approach is almost always better!

Specialized Exercise Prescription

Todd has over 10 years of experience competing in high level athletics, combined with his background in kinesiology and sports conditioning, he can offer valuable exercises that will have an impact in your life.

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